About Me

I am Carl Carlson, a game developer from Sweden currently working in Iceland as a serious games unreal developer at Medagogic.

At my current position I have worked mainly in Unreal, helming the front-end for our project and doing rapid testing to figure out what our best course of action on that end is. In Unreal I have mainly worked with blueprints but also spread my wings within animation, character AI, audio, UI, chat GPT and voice recognition implementations, and VR development.

During my 5 years of studies I have focused on game development using Unity and C#, as well as learning OpenGL engine creation with C++ and SDL2. I have collaborated primarily through Git, both using GitHub and Microsoft Azure. My strongest aspects in software development is quick learning and understanding of unfamiliar areas, as well as a willingness to delve into any topic in a strategic manner.

The traits most often used to describe me professionally is helpful and collaborative. I always strive to create a happy atmosphere around me, and see it as an essential that morale is upkept for good work-spirit. If I can be of assistance I will be there, but I always strive to not fall behind with my tasks in the meanwhile.

I have played games since I was 3 years old, when my older sisters first introduced me to Pok√©mon. Through my journey of playing games I have found an interest of using games as an inspirational and communicative medium, influencing us to depths that traditional mediums can’t. I hope to explore this further with every project and position I have.